Mike. 20. England. Chemistry & Medicine Student.

I play League of Legends on EUW. My summoner tag is Pymdrake. I also read a lot of Comic Books. Defender of Hank Pym and all things antsy

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why the hell has Gleeb been benched? I know TSM performed poorly this split but I saw nothing shockingly bad about Gleeb’s performance, nothing was ever going to be on par with Turtle/Xpecial. As much as it pains me to say, Dyrus, despite being my favourite LoL pro of all time, was the weak link in TSM’s lineup. Bringing in a korean player isn’t going to help for playoffs/worlds. Sucks about Gleeb, I really liked him.


you are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded

oh my god



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or they didn’t have the practical effects budget to do a proper shotgun wound

wooo more lucian nerfs haha not like there weren’t enough already!

the TRIED to nerf him in the last patch by making him more difficult to play, but rushing 40% CDR just made him more overpowered than kassadin

gg riot, you fucked up


nerfs to gragas, elise and lucian; booooo

slight buffs to twitch and kayle; ayyyyyyyy


Coldsteel confirmed for Smash! I got bored so I made this


earl’s purchase

you dont sing in the shower?? mike confirmed to be a reptilian

everyone can hear me in the house, man. EVERYONE. No privacy in this tiny house

I will make you like Nine Inch Nails (the band)