Mike. 20. England. Chemistry & Medicine Student.

I play League of Legends on EUW. My summoner tag is Pymdrake. I also read a lot of Comic Books.

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dumb ass soppy post incoming

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Look who I found in Seconds!

It was the fact that they were saying it’s “implied”. Like. That’s kinda the basis of his character, it’s not exactly implied

The worst post on tumblr is the one that says “remember magneto is implied to be a holocaust survivor! uwu”

Off to live in a field for 5 days and listen to awesome bands, bye


i love this picture because it is like finding the full version of a anime opening and i think thats beautiful

zethian was trying to get her mum to organise a chinese for her via snapchat, and I wanted in




Halfling Tossgobbler presented his arse to a wolf, attempted to fart, botched the role and sharted. What a legend.

You roll a 1 whilst attempting to fart on a wolf so “it can gain my scent” and i’m gonna make you shart

I tried to check a room in…

The fact you guys rolled 3 1’s IN A ROW trying different methods to cross A PIT WITH A REALLY LOW SKILL CHECK will never cease to amaze me


Didn’t have shades this weekend so improvised and borrowed some 3D specs. ps: pls excuse shitty frame it was so the pic would resize to instagram

Still pullin’ it off though

They’re both signed, because I’m a top boyfriend and picked one up for flumpyduck :)

Also got a few smaller things signed for a few people I knew couldn’t make it!


richard dawkins: *sneezes*

me: Bless you

richard dawkins: -_-



it’s sad that I now don’t care 1 bit about the first image released from ant-man