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I play League of Legends on EUW. My summoner tag is Pymdrake. I also read a lot of Comic Books.

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Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is such a great game. It lets me live out my wildest fantasy.


stop romanticizing TSM

aaahhh fuck TSM, any team could win the LCS if they had reginald buying in the best players and replacing people mid split

"let tristana get through and it’s gg C9 get sneaky away from tristana"

have you SEEN sneaky play kog’maw

remember that time I said I KEEP getting e-mails from university mistakenly sent to me

it happened again


Jean-Ralphio Singing At People


my irl friends r my problematic faves


yep-that-tasted-purple's 6.3k Follower Giveaway!

Thank you everyone for following and just overall being supportive! I’ve decided to do a giveaway to try and say thank you! <3 

There will be five winners, each winner will have a choice of one set! I only have one of each set so please don’t have your heart set on one set! (First come, first served.) 

The sets are: 

  • Top: A Top Lane wristband along with a Riven sword keychain.
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  • Support: A support wristband along with a Nami staff keychain. 

(I will add in some candy / other mini gifts!)


  • Must be following yep-that-tasted-purple
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The giveaway will end on the 15th September, two weeks time. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me. 

Flat came with some shitty Banksy prints so I improved them

Heading back to uni, taking only the most important stuff!


i can’t fucking stand jennifer lawrence but for the love of god don’t reblog her fucking leaked nudes they obviously weren’t meant to be put out there spreading them around makes you just as bad as whoever leaked them & i will unfollow you im not kidding i don’t care how close we are.

update: pirate bay server relocated to cave shaped like a skull in the middle of the pacific


I saw this on some website I can’t remember and I had to share it. It’s not mine, but it makes me laugh so much.


basking in the lights of burning Cybertron








Scientists Successfully Implant Lungs into Fish

Scientists have successfully created a goldfish that is capable of breathing atmospheric air. Using advanced microsurgery techniques, researchers at the New South Wales Veterinary Institute implanted a pair of frog lungs into the fish, which survived out of water for 2 hours.

The lungs were connected to the respiratory surface that were naturally found in the gills. The fish was able to conduct gas exchange through the lungs instead of the gills, which allowed it to breath in a terrestrial environment. A very humid chamber was constructed for the goldfish so that it did not dehydrate.

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Image: KSL.org



i don’t think you guys understand how important this is if we’re able to put lungs in fish it means we may be able to put gills in humans which means we’re one step closer to becoming mermaids

this scares me like what if someday a whole bunch of fish have lungs in them and they hated the surgery and they end up rebelling and killing us i mean i don’t know about you but if I saw a herd of fish running at me i would drop everything and freaking run

they gave them lungs not legs they’d be like fucking magikarp flopping around on the ground being useless pieces of crap

oh my god

this sounds far too ridiculous to be true

I wonder why