Mike. 19. England. Chemistry & Medicine Student.

I play League of Legends on the EUW servers. My summoner tag is Pymdrake.

My favourite champions are Jinx, Lucian, Vi, Diana, Gragas and Ziggs. Figure out my roles.

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back at it again at the krusty krab

1:30 AM league ramblings hahahahahaha ignore

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Got a christening and stuff to go to

Credit to lupe’s Epic paramore decorations in the background kill me

420 praise the baby


transparent sad macklemore 4 ur blog 

God i remember last 4/20 was when i was at uni and my room was below the 2 biggest stoners in our block and jfc you could smell it for days, i had to leave and work in the library

Blaze it they did

Remember when i said that nothing good could come out of don glover leaving community and then Because The Internet dropped

ahaahahaha hope your trip takes a while, troy








american people who use british slang


We just want to be one of you and watch BBC on the telly and drink tea and ride the trolley :)


ive never in my 15 years of british living heard the expression “ride the trolley”

do Americans realise that there are more TV channels than just the BBC or


Riding the trolley??? 



barbeauxbot asked: Ok so serious question has everybody at Marvel forgotten that Heimdall can do the same thing Uatu does or is Heimdall just bad at his job or what. I tried to ask Jason Aaron but he never answered


Heimdall does a lot more sleeping with people than Uatu does.


Wonder Woman by Terry Dodson

We just re watched the purple wedding on youtube, then subsequently went down and choked on a glass of orange juice in the kitchen

Arrest flumpyduck for killing your king

First night out in chester was so obscure

You’ve got all these pretty tudor streets and beautiful old architecture then just next to them all someone throwing up down his obey sweatshirt and a couple straight up grinding on each other

At least it kinda fits the environment in leeds and hull